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 With Chris & James Green the ‘Cornish Country Boys’


Chris Green ‘The Cornish Countryman’ is proud to present the first in a brand new series of Wildfowling films.


  • A fascinating study of the wild Canada Goose – what makes them such aggressive bullies?
  • 1st September estuary Canada retribution – a lesson for the bullies!
  • Shooting Times magazine follows the intrepid trio in pursuit of the stubbly Shropshire Greylags.
  • Chasing October estuary Wigeon – a costly evening flight.
  • Join the Cornish Pirate for more adventures afloat with Punt Gun ‘Triple Thunder’.
  • Suicidal Wigeon! morning flight bonanza – some boys get all the luck!
  • Big McPhee – Chris’ 8 bore in action – shooting from a camo kayak – definitely not one of his smartest ideas…
  • ‘The Wild Chef’ Ralph Skripek attempts to cook seriously posh nosh the estuary blizzard way!
  • Big McPhee heads North. The silent estuary – a frozen Cumbrian Teal ambush.
  • Scotland – the amateur goose guide experience …
  • The last week of the season – non-stop Pinkfoot Geese the hard way. Truly awesome shooting!

If you’ve seen Chris Green’s other films – you’ll know what to expect! – a full 2 hours of epic wildfowling

entertainment, and definitely not low on laughter! We really know you’ll enjoy this film.

Co-starring ‘Cornish Country Boy’ James Green and featuring special guest stars, ‘The Wild Chef’ Ralph Skripek and crack shots Shane Robinson, Neil Brown and Terry Griffiths. Also featuring Donald Muir, Steve Woodhall and Shooting Times celebrated photographer Paul Quagliana.

Running time: Approximately 120 minutes