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Chapters include:

Chapter 1 – The Cornish boys take on the traditional 1st September challenge with                                       surprising results.
Chapter 2 – A hearty mixed bag – the Fisherman Fowler Camo Kayak way!
Chapter 3 – Investigating Chichester Harbour – the South Coast Mecca for Whacks of                                  Wonderful Wigeon.
Chapter 4 – Vital Wildfowling skills explained and demonstrated to a Keen Young Gun.
Chapter 5 – The Gathering of the West Country Black Powder Clans! Big guns and big                                bangs!
Chapter 6 – An insight into the work of Lancashire’s ‘Big Gun’ Gunmaker.
Chapter 7 – Join Chris on the ‘impossible’ stalk – get close up and personal to 3000                                     Pinkfooted Geese!
Chapter 8 – Accepting the Morecambe Bay Challenge – seven flights on offer. Wildfowl till                          you drop!

Plus an exciting Extras Chapter:
Ralph Skripek the ‘Wild Chef’ creates another amazing recipe. Delicious Canada Goose Bourguignon, all explained step by step.
Total running time: approx 2.5 hours