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This, The first in the ‘Secrets Revealed’ series is packed with action, instruction and entertainment and has been produced for all keen Pigeon shooters.

Following the massive success of his first three Pigeon shooting films, ‘Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed’  is yet again a professionally produced epic film.

This DVD is crammed with action from start to finish and loaded with tips on all aspects of the advanced decoyers’ art. It reveals techniques which will definitely improve your sport and make you think again!

Brilliantly filmed and narrated by Chris Green the ‘Cornish Countryman’ in his own unique and often hilarious style, he reveals the secrets of his success.

Beautifully filmed country life footage comes as standard.

This film features:

  •     Pigeon Shooting and the Law
  •     Crop Protection – Summer Peas
  •     The Fascinating History of Decoys
  •     Reconnaissance
  •     Know your crops
  •     Camouflage
  •     Fieldcraft
  •     The Art of Successful  Lofting
  •     Electric Machines
  •     Decoying Secrets on Winter Rape

See for yourself how Chris’ decoys work their magic on the ever crafty Woodpigeon!

Superbly explained  in Chris’, honest, entertaining and enthusiastic style.

If you want to become a master pigeon shooter then Chris Green’s films are an absolute must.

Duration approximately 120 minutes