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Chris Green ‘The Cornish Countryman’ has once again filmed and produced a bumper epic two hour DVD.

In this film, he details special secrets, tips and ideas never seen before.

This is the third in the Pigeon Shooting Secrets Revealed series and here he covers yet more dynamic ideas guaranteed to thrill newcomers or experienced Pigeon shooters alike.

All brilliantly filmed and explained in his own enthusiastic, entertaining and often hilarious style.

Chris has taken the past 2 years to bring you this extraordinary DVD.

This film features:

  • Revealing a brand new decoying concept with shocking high voltage electrifying success he reveals how he seemingly lofts decoys on  overhead electric cables!? Chris has discovered the answer!
  • Commemorating the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1st World War, Chris goes retro and with muzzle loading madness he comes to terms with the Woodpigeon the ‘Black Powder Musket Way.’
  • The Professional Pigeon Guide – are they worth their salt? Chris conducts a revealing interview and discovers a real honest gentleman Pigeon Guide who really knows his stuff.
  • The ‘Permanent Pulley Pigeon Decoying Lofting System’ all explained in theory and practice.
  • The 28 Bore in action! The Pigeon Guide shows just what can be done despite the worst possible weather conditions for Pigeon shooting.
  • Field craft success with the deadly duo. Chris once again meets up with Shropshire’s Neil Brown. Here they track down the birds and with his 100 year old Hammer Gun, Chris shows how it’s done when field craft is properly understood.

Featuring special guest stars, Pigeon Guide Nick Richards and Shropshire crack shot Neil Brown.

If you want to become a master Pigeon Shooter then Chris Green’s films are an absolute must!

Running time: Approximately 110 minutes