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Chris Green ‘The Cornish Countryman’ has filmed and produced yet another outstanding film for all keen Pigeon Shooters.
Chris Green has been a hunter gatherer for over 40 years and he properly knows his stuff!
This epic 2 hour DVD has been professionally produced and is packed with action, instruction and entertainment and has been created to improve your sport!
In his quest to help you become an Advanced Pigeon Shooter, Chris puts all the secrets and skills we learnt from Volume One into practise. Plus the added bonus of even cleverer tricks of the trade and yet more tactics to further the Advanced Pigeon Decoyers’ Art.

• Testing ‘Traitor Decoys’ under severe conditions in Derbyshire, with amazing results.
• Experimenting with the Pigeon Traitor Playstick – Chris’ brand new decoying device that’s set to put Pigeon Magnets in the past.
• Exploding old fashioned myths – challenging the methods of the past masters.
• Questioning the efficiency of Archie Coats’ small bale hide.
• The ‘Double Lofter Fliers’ – testing another brand new experimental decoying device. End result…….. another mega day!
• Making the most of a unique opportunity – an outstanding proper Pigeon Shoot the Cornish Way.
• Special feature! The Wild Chef in action. Showing how to cook Pigeon Pita Pockets – step by step instructions from the Pigeon hide!

And so much much more!!

Co-starring ‘Cornish Country Boy’ James Green and featuring special guest stars, The Wild Chef
Ralph Skripek and crack shot Alan Butters.

Once again brilliantly filmed and narrated by Chris Green the ‘Cornish Countryman’ in his own unique and often hilarious style, he reveals yet more secrets of his success.

If you want to become a master Pigeon Shooter then Chris Green’s films are an absolute must!

Running time: Approximately 110 minutes