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Pigeon Shooting ‘the Whole Story’ Volume Three

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hris Green, the ‘Cornish Countryman’  is now proud to present the third and the final part of  his best selling ‘Whole Story’ Series.


Pigeon Shooting ‘the Whole Story’ Volume Three

This brand-new film covers many of his tactics during the difficult Winter season.

Volume Three includes:

  • A great day on the last of the bean stubble shooting where a single shot cost Chris over £700!
  • An absolutely wonderful Autumn acorn valley shooting day where Chris and his son James compete head to head.
  • You’ll be enthralled as he unveils the secret life of the Woodpigeon through their courtship ritual.
  • Take a close-up peep at the amazing contents of a wild Pigeon’s nest – truly stunning close-up film!
  • He then travels North from Cornwall to Cheshire for a special invitation shoot on winter rape. Here he explains in great detail his tactics on the most unpredictable of all crops. Can Chris’ ‘Traitor’ decoys hack it in Cheshire?
  • Travelling back South to Shropshire  – the ‘sky’s the limit’! With the help of some really good friends he tackles the birds at their own level …. from a whopping great high tower!
  • Back once again in his home County of Cornwall:  See for yourself a most astonishing shot with an air rifle at a flying Pigeon.
  • Chris then finishes his story with Roost Shooting through the bitter freezing gales of February.

It’s an epic journey, action-packed with pigeon shooting and with Chris Green’s seal of quality, you know you’re in for a treat.

A vital companion to Volumes One and Two.

Brilliantly explained in Chris’ honest, entertaining and enthusiastic style.

Duration approximately  125 minutes